2023-08-06 Go Alabama Day 1, Sunday Departure & Arrival, Dinner2023-08-07 Go Alabama Day 2, Monday, First Work Day, Son of Life Warehouse, Selma2023-08-08 Go Alabama Day 3, Tuesday Birmingham AM, Doris Crenshaw, PM2023-08-09 Go Alabama Day 4, Wednesday Selma Distribute Food, Outside Legacy2023-08-10 Go Alabama Day 5, Thursday EJI Legacy, National Memorial for Peace & Justice, Flatline2023-08-11 Go Alabama Day 6, Friday, Gospel Tabenacle, Lynda Blackmon Lowrey, Edmond Pettus, Dreamland BBQ, Selma2023-08-12 Go Alabama Day 7, Saturday, Bus ride to Cincinnati, Half & half cell phone/real camera pictures2023-08-26 Reunion at Troy's House and New Richmond TourPre-Trip Meetings, Oakley