New OrleansCity from Mt Adams, Night view Panoramic 12-30-17Downtown Cincinnati, Scotti's Italian Restaurant Jan 7, 2017Mandarin Duck, Dec 23, 2020 Ivy Pointe ParkSkyline from Devou Park, flowers 8-2-17Butterflies and Hummingbird French Park, September 4, 2015 Mostly cropped 5x7 proportionalWinter 11-17-14 Snow Scenes, Creeks, River, Mariemont FountainCathedral Basilica, Covington, KY 1-26-2019Concerts, Friday Flow, Fountain SquareCreek in Winter, West Side 1-31-14Spring Grove Cemetery and MausoleumA Walk thru French Park July 3, 2017Memorial Hall, Washington Park, OTRProjects, Artistic Ideas from my PastItems of InterestRed Tailed Hawk 11-9-06OTR Iron Fences & More 4-4-15Puppy Love 8-9-15  "Seven"Hummingbird, Walk in the ParkSnow, Eden Park, Banks, Shawnee Run, Creeks 11-18-20142016 Artistic Works2014-10-07 Red CrabapplesJanuary 24, 2015 Walnut Hills, Eden Park, stuff from the day.Smale Park, Cincinnati Skyline 7-23-17Little Miami River & Fields 10-23-13Eden Park- Multiple FoldersArchives, Downtown, etc.Cincinnati from B&B Riverboats June 4, 2016A Walk in French Park, Nov 10, 2020Nature May 15, 2016 Amberly, OHHixson, Wareham Road Mt. Adams May, 2014