Last Pre-Trip 6-21-16Saturday Departure from Oakley 7-9-16Sunday 7-10-16 Arrival to FABCMonday 7-11-16 Cafe Reconcile and bus tour, setting up VBCTuesday 7-12-16 Morning Hotel and VBC at FABCTuesday  7-12-16 Go Group Portraits,  and New Republic night out.Wednesday 7-13-16 VBC and High School Popsicle at 2 Habitat SitesThursday 7-14-16 VBC Go Group Meeting NightFriday 7-15-16 VBC and Hotel AM, before Celebration Service ( see Baptism Gallery)Friday 7-15-16 Baptisms and Celebration Service "Picnic"Saturday Departure from Nola 7-16-16Sunday Arrival to CR Oakley 7-17-16